Gettin' The Band Back Together at Belasco Theater

Gettin' The Band Back Together Tickets

Belasco Theater | Manhattan, New York

There isn't anything better than getting out with friends, family, loved ones or not so loved… what the hell… it doesn't matter who with when you're going to see Gettin' The Band Back Together!!! You have been waiting for so long and finally – Gettin' The Band Back Together will be at Belasco Theatre on Tuesday 9th July 2019!!! Belasco Theatre are proud to welcome yet another incredible and undeniably popular event to their venue in Manhattan – where some of the finest and well known new talent is discovered! This July, you can be part of the excitement because we have tickets available NOW! Don't expect them to last long – buy your ticket today!

Gettin' The Band Back Together at Belasco Theatre

If you’re a fan of music, dance, drama, and comedy, then there’s no better place to experience the thrills and chills of Broadway performances than Belasco Theatre. This theater house features some of the top productions in the country and has already been rated highly on several leading venue lists of 2019. Fans who have experienced the entertainment extravaganzas from this spot in beautiful Manhattan New York can tell you why, but for everyone else, here is what you can expect. Your ticket to a show at Belasco Theatre buys you access to an event that features high-quality sound and lighting engineering to keep you closer to the action. It also features comfortable seating and a rich decor that’s designed to offer the leading in style and comfort.

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