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 How To Dance In Ohio at Belasco TheaterIf you’re looking for something new and incredibly unique this fall, you should know that a brand-new musical is about to take over Broadway! The exciting new epic, How to Dance in Ohio, is a thrilling story about the love for dance, overcoming challenges, and letting love, excitement, and independence triumph! Based on the hit HBO documentary film by Alexandra Shiva, this heart-filled story follows a group of autistic young adults getting ready for a spring formal dance! This new, exciting show will conquer the Belasco Theatre this fall, and the first performance kicks off on November 15th, 2023! This incredible production is led by director Sammi Cannold, with the book and lyrics by Rebekah Greer Melocik and music by Jacob Yandura! Aside from a brilliant creative team, How to Dance in Ohio also features a stellar cast! Get ready for this outstanding new musical that is predicted to be one of the most exciting new musicals of the season! Score tickets now to How to Dance In Ohio as it premieres at the Belasco Theatre on Broadway, New York!

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“The musical you’ll talk about for the rest of your life!” – Syracuse Stage

“An exhilarating, groundbreaking, celebratory musical!” – The Post Standard

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Get outside and move around! This is the new mantra for seven autistic young adults who are preparing for an exciting chapter in their lives – attending the spring formal dance. The event is a rite of passage far from their daily routines. Hence, it sets off a series of hilarious events and heartbreaking encounters. As these kids go through a myriad of feelings – from stress to excitement to love, and independence, they become one step closer to the experience of a lifetime. How to Dance in Ohio is about being in the next phase of their lives, overcoming fears, and hoping for the best! Get ready to move and dance!

The musical is based on the HBO documentary film of the same name. The film follows a group of young adults who spend 12 weeks practicing their dancing and social skills. Most people with autism suffer from social anxiety. Having to attend a lively and social gathering can be both stressful and overwhelming. But Caroline, Meredith, Drew, Mel, Tommy, Jessica, and Terry are determined to get the full high school experience and attend the spring formal. The group acquires the help of the group counselor, Dr. Emilio Amigo, and they spend the next several weeks overcoming their fears. The documentary film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015 and premiered in the U.S. several months later. The film’s captivating story inspired showmakers to create a stage adaption.

Plans for the musical were staged as early as 2018 by Harold Prince. In 2019, director Sammi Cannold took over as director after Prince’s untimely passing. The musical features book and lyrics by Rebekah Gree Melocik, music by Jacob Yandura, and choreography by Mayte Natalio. The trial run premiered in Syracuse with an outstanding original cast. This 2023, the Broadway production will be pulling out all the stops by bringing in some of the most incredible creative talents, including music director Lily Ling, orchestrator Bruce Coughlin, scenic designer Robert Brill, costume designer Sarafina Bush, and lighting designer Bradley King. 

Meanwhile, the 2023 Broadway cast comprises Caesar Samayoa as Dr. Emilio Amigo and Desmond Luis Edwards as Remy. Meanwhile, the autistic young adults will be played by Amelia Fei, Madison Kopec, Liam Pearce, Conor Tague, Ashley Wool, Imani Russel, and Haven Burton. The musical takes over the Belasco Theater, and its preview run will kick off on November 15th, 2023, and officially open on Broadway on December 10th, 2023! 

Since the musical is on the verge of taking over Broadway, it’s anticipated to take audiences on a heartwarming journey through teenage social anxieties. They are learning the love of dance and watching young adults blossom and exercise social skills. “(How to Dance in Ohio is) A teenage ritual takes on deeper significance as a setting where autistic young people can blossom,” according to a feature in the New York Times. 

Meanwhile, the Syracuse Stage published a review of the Syracuse production, describing How to Dance in Ohio as “The musical you’ll talk about for the rest of your life.” The publication moved on to calling the musical “exhilarating, groundbreaking, celebratory.” Over at The News House, the musical was lauded for its fantastic take on the need for human connection, “How to Dance in Ohio is a joyful and uplifting new musical, showing us just how similar we all are in our pursuit of human connection.” praised the musical for its simple tale and its comical but endearing appeal. “The simple tale is poignant in itself, and what makes it more so is that all seven young people are themselves on the autistic spectrum. Their performances are stunning.”

“Refreshing and inspiring!” –

 How To Dance In Ohio new york

Meanwhile, the Daily Orange wrote the headline “How to Dance in Ohio breaks barriers with its debut.” The publication released an interview with director Sammi Cannold, who insisted on casting “from a neurodivergence talent pool.” According to Cannold, “The point is we have to cast this authentically, the whole point of the show is to bolster representation and for the voices of autistic individuals to be heard.”

The musical is praised for its inclusivity and for giving viewers an in-depth look at the challenges that autistic people go through on a daily basis. How to Dance in Ohio is also lauded for its incredible representation. “How to Dance In Ohio” seeks not only to represent neurodivergent individuals but to redefine that representation, replacing the existing stereotypes and stigma people possess with one that is more accurate and authentic to the community,” according to the production’s creative team.

After its initial run in Syracuse, one can only imagine the excitement of critics and future viewers as the Broadway production finally completes its cast. The musical is currently a hot topic in New York, and audiences are eager to catch its early performances. This fall, How to Dance in Ohio will open at the Belasco Theater. An iconic part of the Broadway scene, the Belasco Theater is the archetype of 19th-century architecture. Built in the 1900s, the theater is an official New York City landmark and has a long history of entertaining theater lovers in the city. The theater boasts Tifanny lighting and ceiling panels. Attendees can also enjoy its expansive murals and intricate woodwork. A true, historic establishment, the Belasco Theater is the perfect auditorium to host groundbreaking musicals, such as How to Dance in Ohio! 

“Each small victory can feel gigantic!” When you go through life with numerous challenges, it is imperative to celebrate every little victory! Hurry and secure tickets to see How to Dance in Ohio at the Belasco Theater! Tickets are now available through the Get Tickets link!